Una compilation per i LALI PUNA

Uscirà a giugno su Morr Music la raccolta di rarità e b-sides dei Lali Puna dal titolo “I Thought I Was Over That: rare, remixed and b-sides”. Di seguito la tracklist:

1. The Failure of the Leading Sign Industry* (inedito)
2. 40 Days
3. Clear Cut (Lali Puna – Bomb The Bass)
4. Awaiting an Accident (Remix for Boom Bip)
5. It’s not the worst I’ve looked (Remix for Two Lone Swordsmen)
6. Harrison Reverse
7. The Daily Match
8. (This is) The Dream of Evan and Chan (Remix for Dntel)
9. Past Machine* (inedito)
10. Together in Electric Dreams

1. Thomas LeBoeg: nin-com-pop-Remix
2. Boom Bip: Micronomic-Remix
3. Dntel: Faking the Books-Remix* (inedito)
4. To Rococo Rot: Grin and Bear-Remix* (inedito)
5. Alias: Alienation-Remix
6. Lali Puna: Left handed-Dub
7. Flowchart: Fast Forward-Remix
8. Sixtoo: Small Things-Remix* (inedito)
9. Two Lone Swordsmen: nin-com-pop-Remix

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