FU MANCHU: il nuovo brano “Clone Of The Universe”

In attesa che il loro nuovo album “Clone Of The Universe” arrivi nei negozi il prossimo 9 febbraio i Fu Manchu pubblicano il primo singolo da esso estratto.

Si tratta della title track ed esce con tanto di lyric video che voi potete trovare di seguito alla news. In un’intervista a Billboard il chitarrista Scott Hill parla così del brano: 

“Our song “Clone Of The Universe” was the last song written for the new record. We had about 13 songs ready to to choose from, and about 3 weeks before we were to go into the studio we wrote that song. We record all of our songs on cassette 4-track and we had the first part of the song arranged/recorded but we still needed an ending to the song. On one of the final days of practice before going into the studio at the end of practice as we were packing up our gear, our drummer, Scott Reeder, was doing these fast drum beats/rolls and I thought it sounded great and as soon as I got home I still had his drumming in my head and I wrote the ending riffs to his drum beat.”

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