Impatto Sonoro

OuZeL CoLLagE 2004

Pecksniff, Milaus, Kech, Morose, Lo-Fi Sucks, The Fog On The Shell, Non Voglio Che Clara…tutto GRATIS per voi (by Ouzel Records)

Tracklist :

01 Deep “?” (Dhyana Records, Germany, previously unreleased)

02 The Colours Seen From Behind “Hang-glider” (Mauro/Ouzel’s own project – Jap lyrics sung by Hiyori Ando)

03 Non Voglio Che Clara “Le cose che dici” (wonderful band from the Italy, previously unreleased track)

04 Minmae feat. ONQ “Se telefonando” (U.S.A. – ITA coop work, courtesy of Dhyana Records)

05 Object Astra “Obsession – Compulsivity” (tun-dun-dan-dan… da-da-da-dan)

06 Skoda “Emtivi Italija” (an old “hit” from one of the best Italian bands ever!)

07 Lo-fi Sucks! feat. Mazzola “Where is my pxxy?” (prev. unrel. joke, Doc on drums, Mauro on gtr!)

08 Morose “Alas – radio session at CMRK, UK, Aug’03” (previously unreleased recording)

09 Deleted “Beyond the green” (extract from Untitled for now (Ouzel), a parallel work of Klimperei, France)

10 One Eye “Clover” (n. 10 like Maradona, starring Morose’s new drummer, who doesn’t play drums here!)

11 Plastik Explosion “Lord Brummel (1778-1840)” (lysergic atmospheres from Italy)

12 Kech “Feet bleed” (extract from their album on Ouzel Records Are You Safe?, superindierock!)

13 The Fog In The Shell “The living song” (previously unreleased track by Marco / Under My Bed)

14 Milaus “Old taxxi (italian version)” (previously unreleased out-take from the Rock Da City sessions!)

15 My Dear Killer “Smokers” (previously unreleased track from Stefano / UMB / London)

16 Doghouse “32” (from Wien, the project of Georg Gartlgruber)

17 Pecksniff “The bees attack!” (extract from their masterpiece Elementary Watson)

18 Sbarazzo Magazzini Box “Solaio #3” (SMB is a mysterious impro-band from Sicily)

19 Mouse And sequencers “Mauro and his Japanese girlfriend” (previously unreleased minimal electro)

20 Valerio Sartori “Alice” (extract from his miniCDr on Ouzel Records)

21 Lebenswelt “Illusions hold” (extract from the new work of the ex Joy of Grief)


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