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OOIOO: è morta la chitarrista Kyoko

OOIOO_a =-

È morta Kyoko, chitarrista e co-fondatrice della band giapponese Ooioo. A darne l’annuncio l’ex compagna di band Yoshimi P-We, con un post su Instagram contornato da una vecchia foto della band.
Kyoko partecipò ai primi 3 album della band – ?8? (1997), Feather Float (1999) e Gold & Green (2000) – e dovette abbandonare la band per problemi di salute.

This is Yoshimio. I regret to inform you that my friend, Kyoko has passed away morning on July 19th. Kyoko came from same hometown as I am . We started OOIOO together. She was the first guitar player of OOIOO. She left the band to concentrate to cure her illness but she came to help selling merchandise sometimes to our shows. She started the band with Itoken who was also her longtime partner. Kyoko was 183cm tall. She was on her own pace , optimistic and natural blur. I loved her very much. I do not like to believe she is no longer with us anymore. I love to see her again. ????hometown?????????????????????183?????? ????OOIOO???????????????????????????OOIOO?? ??????????????OOIOO???????????????OOIOO???? ??????????????????????????????????(?? ?????????)???????????????????????????? ??????????????????7/19?????????????????? ??????????? #ooioo #harpykyoko

Una foto pubblicata da YOSHIMIO (@emeraldragonfly) in data:

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