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CULT OF LUNA: lo streaming della cover dei JOY DIVISION “24 Hours”

I Cult Of Luna hanno reso disponibile lo streaming della loro cover di “24 Hours“, brano originariamente scritto dai Joy Division e contenuto sull’album “Closer” del 1980. 

Il cantante Johannes Perrson ha spiegato la genesi del brano: 

“While touring Eternal Kingdom we were invited by the Swedish radio to record a live session in front of a live audience in the famous studio Svenska grammofonstudion in Gothenburg. Most of the bands that did these sessions did a cover and we were asked to do one.

Joy Division is a band that have meant a whole lot to many of us and we actually covered “She’s lost control” in the first year of Cult of Luna’s existence. I don’t remember how we came to choose ”Twenty-four hours”, in fact I had totally forgot that we ever did this cover until someone made me aware of it a few weeks ago.

It was recorded in October of 2008 and is as far as I remember the last studio recording while Claes still was in the band. But since I had no memory of this recording, who knows what might turn up in the future.”

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