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ALICE IN CHAINS: ad agosto il nuovo album “Rainier Fog”

Circa un mese fa gli Alice In Chains pubblicavano un nuovo singolo intitolato “The One You Know“. Oggi scopriamo che il pezzo in questione è l’opener del nuovo album della band di Jerry Cantrell – prodotto da Nick Rasculinecz (già al lavoro sui precedenti lavori degli AIC e collaboratore tra gli altri dei Deftones) e mixato da Joe Barresi (Tool, Melvins) – intitolato “Rainier Fog” che arriverà nei negozi di dischi il prossimo 24 agosto per BMG

In uno dei pezzi del nuovo lavoro in studio della band di Seattle ci sarà anche l’ex Queensryche Chris DeGarmo. A questo indirizzo è già disponibile il pre-order.

In aggiunta all’annuncio il gruppo condivide anche il nuovo singolo “So Far Under“. Voi lo trovate di seguito alla news assieme a copertina e tracklist completa.

Circa il nuovo lavoro Cantrell parla così:

“Maybe it’s a little hard because you have already said so much. I can’t write ‘Them Bones‘ again, I can’t write about my dad again. I can’t write about my brother again. I can’t write about that ex-girlfriend again. But it’s easy to be pissed off about something. Stuff still makes me emotional. Stuff still makes me love. I experience things. I see people going through things. Shit happens to you. There’s still stuff to grab, but it’s challenging to me. It’s always the part where I feel I’m stumbling around in the fucking dark.”

Invece il cantante/chitarrista William DuVall commenta così il secondo singolo della band:

“It’s about feeling completely up against it – outnumbered, surrounded, facing seemingly unbeatable odds and being really pissed off about it. It was inspired by personal circumstances, as well as events in the wider world. But it’s not as resigned to defeat as it may seem. The lyric is a cold, hard assessment of a difficult situation but the music has a message all its own.

There’s still room to flip the script. Every aspect of writing and recording this song will always be remembered with a lot of joy – from recording the basic tracks and the guitar solo at Studio X in Seattle to doing further overdubs at Nick Raskulinecz’s studio in rural Tennessee. Everyone in the band and our studio team really stepped up and knocked it out of the park on this one. We’re extremely proud of this song and the entire album.”

1.The One You Know

2.Rainier Fog

3.Red Giant



6.Deaf Ears Blind Eyes


8.So Far Under

9.Never Fade

10.All I Am

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