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NOTHING: lo streaming del nuovo singolo “The Carpenter’s Son”


A circa due settimane dall’uscita del nuovo album “Dance Of The Blacktop“, disponibile dal prossimo 24 agosto su Relapse, i Nothing hanno pubblicato oggi lo streaming del nuovo singolo The Carpenter’s Son, terzo estratto dopo Zero Day e Blue Line Baby

Il brano è fortemente autobiografico, in quanto racconta l’infanzia e l’adolescenza del frontman della band statunitense Dominic Palermo, che è appunto figlio di un carpentiere.

My Dad was a carpenter for his whole life– he built things and he built me. He struggled with addiction and anger and for a long time, and his idea of a fix was to use religion in a very similar, violent way. He left me peppered with too much reality for a young boy and subsequently also left me with an early disdain for Christianity. I often wondered how could I ever forgive a man whose sole purpose was to break everyone down around him. I lost him two or three years ago now. He was riding his bicycle in a storm and must have fallen off, hit his head, went unconscious and slid into a ditch on the side of the road, face down, where he drowned just 200 feet from his house.



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