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INTERPOL: il video del nuovo singolo “If You Really Love Nothing”

Photo credit: Jamie-James Medina

È atteso per domani il nuovo album degli InterpolMarauder” che verrà pubblicato da Matador. Dopo aver condiviso i singoli The Rover e Number 10 il trio newyorkese oggi pubblica un nuovo singolo intitolato If You Really Love Nothing il cui videoclip è stato diretto da Hala Matar.

Paul Banks parla così della regista e del video in un comunicato stampa:

“Hala is a young director I had the pleasure of meeting a few years ago, and I’ve been a big fan of her short film work since. Her luscious use of colors and lighting, her insightful dialogue and playful direction, for me, are her hallmarks. There’s always humor, drama and atmosphere to spare in her work. I see all of these qualities in her video for ‘If You Really Loving Nothing’. And speaking on behalf of Interpol, we are so proud to have had the opportunity of this collaboration.”

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