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THE SOFT CAVALRY (Slowdive): il video del nuovo singolo “Bulletproof”

I The Soft Cavalry, duo formato da Rachel Goswell degli Slowdive e dal marito Steve Clarke, pubblica il video del nuovo singolo estratto dall’omonimo album di debutto in uscita a luglio (qui la nostra news a riguardo). Dopo Dive arriva Bulletproof, voi lo trovate di seguito alla news.

La cantante degli Slowdive parla così del video:

“For a long time now I have wanted to do a video that incorporates BSL (British Sign Language) due to my son being Profoundly Deaf with no hearing. He also has additional needs with CHARGE Syndrome that brings many added complications. I live within two worlds both Hearing and Deaf; and have learned a lot in the last nine years about the many barriers Deaf people can face in our society. One of the main points I was taught very quickly is how music is accessible to Deaf people. Of course music can be felt through vibration but visually I feel so much more could be done to enhance the experience. We made this video with the support of Sign Up BSL to translate ‘Bulletproof’ so that the song flows properly in BSL. Sometimes with signing videos – they can be a literal translation of the words (Sign Supported English) which will make little sense to the Deaf viewer. Our hope is that we have achieved this and also that one day as my son gets older and develops his language skills he will be able to understand this song.

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