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CLIPPING.: ad ottobre il nuovo album “There Existed An Addiction To Blood”

A tre anni di distanza da “Splendor & Misery” tornano a farsi sentire i Clipping. e lo fanno annunciando il loro nuovo album. La nuova fatica in studio della band di Daveed Diggs, William Hutson e Jonathan Snipes si intitola “There Existed An Addiction To Blood” ed uscirà il 18 ottobre per Sub Pop.

In un comunicato stampa parlano così del disco:

“The most subversive and experimental rap has often presented itself as an “alternative” to conventional sounds, but Clipping respectfully warp them into new constellations. ‘There Existed an Addiction to Blood’ absorbs the hyper-violent horror tropes of the Murder Dog era, but re-imagines them in a new light: still darkly-tinted and somber, but in a weirder and more vivid hue. If traditional horrorcore was akin to Blacula, the hugely popular blaxploitation flick from the early 70s, Clipping’s latest is analogous to Ganja & Hess, the blood-sipping 1973 cult classic regarded as an unsung landmark of black independent cinema, whose score the band samples on ‘Blood of the Fang.’”

Di seguito trovate il primo singolo Nothing Is Safe seguito da copertina e tracklist completa.

1. Intro
2. Nothing Is Safe
3. He Dead (feat. Ed Balloon)
4. Haunting (Interlude)
5. La Mala Ordina (feat. The Rita, Benny The Butcher & El Camino)
6. Club Down (feat. Sarah Bernat)
7. Prophecy (Interlude)
8. Run for Your Life (feat. La Chat)
9. The Show
10. Possession (Interlude)
11. All in Your Head (feat.Counterfeit Madison & Robyn Hood)
12. Blood of the Fang
13. Story 7
14. Attunement (feat. Pedestrian Deposit)
15. Piano Burning (composed by Annea Lockwood)

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