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MAMIFFER (ex-Isis): a novembre il nuovo album “The Brilliant Tabernacle”

A tre anni da “The World Unseen” tornano a farsi sentire i Mamiffer e lo fanno annunciando il loro nuovo album. La titolare del progetto Faith Coloccia, consorte dell’ex leader degli Isis Aaron Turner, in pianta stabile anche in questa band, è pronta a tornare con “The Brilliant Tabernacle“, quinta fatica in studio in uscita l’1 novembre per SIGE Records

Coloccia parla così del nuovo lavoro:

“I felt this record was a complete psychic and magical observation of the healing power of true love, of respecting vulnerability, of not wanting to forget where we all come from- how we were all once helpless and all deserving of love. The album as a whole represents a mythical narrative: the hero’s descent into the darkness of the soul and the generational sickness of our current culture and its history, followed by the triumphant reunification with the primal deep of total love. This process generates the power to break the spell of linear time, thought and action, and produces instead a sense of cyclic and physio-psychic existence. It provides the opportunity to overcome indoctrinated amnesia, to uplift collective strength and allows for the restoration of in-born self-love”
Ospiti dell’album ci saranno musicisti di rilievo come Brian Cook (Russian Circles), Eyvind Kang, Monika Khot (Nordra), Jon Mueller, Veronica Dye (Wolves In The Throne Room) ed Alex Barnett.
Di seguito trovate il primo singolo River Of Light assieme a copertina e tracklist completa del disco.

1. All That is Beautiful
2. River of Light
3. So That The Heart May Be Known
4. Two Hands Together
5. To Receive
6. Hymn of Eros
7. To Be Seen

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