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SUMAC: a settembre il nuovo album “May You Be Held”

A due anni da “Love In Shadow” tornano a farsi sentire i SUMAC. Il nuovo album della band capitanata da Aaron Turner si intitola “May You Be Held” ed uscirà il 18 settembre per Thrill Jockey.

Del disco Turner dice:

As an artist in this time of significant upheaval, society seemingly having reached the end of its current iteration, it’s of critical importance to absorb and interpret this process of dissolution – and of the transformation that hopefully follows it. While I don’t believe we’re on the brink of collective destruction precisely now, this is clearly a pivotal stage in the story of humankind – and there is something that feels right about this music at this exact and very uncertain moment.

Di seguito trovate copertina e tracklist completa dell’album.

1. A Prayer for Your Path
2. May You Be Held
3. The Iron Chair
4. Consumed
5. Laughter and Silence

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