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ALEXIS MARSHALL (Daughters): il nuovo singolo “Nature In Three Movements”

(c) A.F. Cortes

A due anni dall’uscita di “You Won’t Get What You Want“, il frontman dei Daughters Alexis Marshall è pronto ad un’uscita solista. Sargent House infatti pubblica il singolo “stand-alone” intitolato Nature In Three Movements. L’album intero dovrebbe arrivare per inizio 2021.

Marshall parla così dell’esperienza:

The painstaking process of creating and honouring, pretending to know and asking for aide, questioning and conquering, and the pale, unending anxiety nipping at the heel. This past life come current is at last the realised direction of many excruciating years beneath the wheel. The evaluation process has grown enjoyable, the evaluation process is, at last, its own reward and the hands involved have made me a better human being; without these hands, I would surely have crashed to burn. Thank you all.

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