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ICEBURN: a giugno il nuovo album “Asclepius”

Photo by Josh Scheuerman

Dopo vent’anni di silenzio radio tornano gli Iceburn e lo fanno annunciando il loro nuovo album intitolato “Asclepius” in uscita il 25 giugno per Southern Lord.

Gentry Desley commenta:

Iceburn had always been about progressing and pushing the boundaries, pushing the music ahead of ourselves so we had to work to catch up.  This new record comes from a place of rediscovery of who we are deep down, a place that with all it’s challenges and comforts, ultimately feels like home. In recent years Iceburn basically became four friends hanging out and working on music.  After all going in different directions for so many years we found ways to embrace our earliest influences and the foundations of our musical selves.  We basically cycled back to the way we made music in our heyday, our salad days, and it felt right once again.

Di seguito trovate il trailer del disco assieme a copertina e tracklist completa.

1) Healing The Ouroboros
2) Dahlia Rides the Firebird

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