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STONE GIANTS (Amon Tobin): a luglio il debutto “West Coast Love Stories”

Amon Tobin ha un nuovo alias: Stone Giants. Con questo moniker l’artista brasiliano pubblicherà l’album di debutto “West Coast Love Stories” il 2 luglio attraverso la sua etichetta Nomark.

Questo il commento di Tobin:

There’s nothing more cowardly than being cynical about love. Sneering from a safe distance at foolish aspirations destined for failure. Brazen lovers face plant into inevitable despair but only after experiencing the best life has to offer. The trade off is up for debate but in this song I try to capture what it feels like to be truly invested in a moment with someone.”

Di seguito trovate la title track come primo singolo estratto assieme a copertina e tracklist completa del disco.

West Coast Love Stories
A Year To The Day
Best Be Sure (Feat. Figueroa)
A Well Run Road
Stinson Beach
The Girl With The Great Ideas (That I Steal)
Dad’s Big Camping Trip
All Of The Pillows

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