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ANNA VON HAUSSWOLFF: una data in Italia a novembre

(c) Clara Wildberger

Lo scorso anno Anna Von Hausswolff è tornata con il suo nuovo album “All Thoughts Fly” (qui la nostra recensione e qui l’intervista) e oggi annuncia le date di uno speciale tour europeo per solo organo a canne. Passerà nel nostro Paese per una sola data il 29 novembre a Bologna presso la Basilica di Santa Maria dei Servi (organizzato da TANK Serbatoio Culturale).

Von Hausswolff parla così del tour:

These beautiful organs all have different manuals and dispositions, they are big and small, old and new, and they live in different spaces, holy and unholy. I’ve had some technical requirements and it is impossible to create a tour like this without compromise but that’s also where the charm lies; some things are beyond my control, for better or worse. As a result each and every concert will be unique in terms of sound and volume. So, I hereby invite you to take part in this huge experiment of mine where I befriend these instruments for the first time and present “All thoughts fly” for organ and 12 speakers. Go to church, be embraced by the sound and let your thoughts fly.

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