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HEXA (Xiu Xiu): a ottobre il nuovo album “Material Interstices”

Gli Hexa, duo composto dal frontman degli Xiu Xiu Jamie Stewart e Lawrence English, tornano a farsi sentire annunciando l’uscita di un nuovo album. “Material Interstices” uscirà il 15 ottobre per Room40.

English parla così del disco:

When I was child I had a recurring dream which usually started with me playing on the lunar dirt and gradually a sound would emerge from a  large concrete pit. The sound would get louder and eventually I would have to go and inspect it. It called me in, there’s no other way to describe it. As I looked into the pit, there was some kind of hatch, I would twist open the hatch and inside it was a mechanical world. As I climbed into the hatch the pressure of the sound increased and it was as if my whole body was being consumed by this monolithic subterranean machine. I never got to understand what the machine did, but what I was made to feel was that there was something beyond my usual understanding that forged away night and day and was infinitely more powerful and commanding than I ever could comprehend. I was surprised that, over the past year, this dream has returned to me. Perhaps it’s a result of the general quietening of  the world and that innate way our ears can open up to even the most subtle acoustic shifts when we are sleeping. Remote sounds, usually hidden in the din of the urban nightscape, were filtering into my dreams and triggering some kind of speculative consciousness. This post-hypnagogic state ushered in a return to that imagined place from my  childhood dreams, but simultaneously I was not the same mind and could not unlock it in the same  way.  Last year, I mentioned this dream to Jamie, and he too reported unsteady sleep patterns. This got us thinking about how the dynamics of the world have recently shifted towards the emergence of the natural world. Equally though it has shifted in favour of its shadow; those ongoing industrial, mechanical and other acoustic by-products of human  (and unhuman) labour reach out from the hushed ambient noise floor. What is usually soaked up in the everyday  (sub)urbanscape has been exhumed and in these particular moments it haunts us from a distance, an exterior force  that unlocks interior uncertainties. This music is transposed of this experience and is written for those moments where consciousness is arguably speculative.

Di seguito trovate il primo singolo Elastic Body assieme a copertina e tracklist completa.


2.Hallucination Liturgy 

3.Elastic Body 

4.The Exquisite Crushing Of Atlas 

5.Tending Concrete Flesh 

6.Detached Pyre 

7.Severed Plume 

8.Love, Colder Than Death 

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