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KAYO DOT: a ottobre il nuovo album “Moss Grew On The Swords And Plowshares Alike”

(c) Toby Driver

Qualche mese fa i Kayo Dot se ne erano usciti con un nuovo singolo, primo brano estratto dal loro nuovo album (qui la nostra news) che oggi la band annuncia ufficialmente.

Moss Grew On The Swords And Plowshares Alike” uscirà il 29 ottobre per Prophecy Productions. L’annuncio viene accompagnato dal video del secondo singolo Void In Virgo (The Nature Of Sacrifice).

Del brano parla Jason Byron, autore dei testi:

Nature personified exacts her revenge upon the slothful and self-centered human race. The people who have sacrificed her upon the altar of greed have failed to realize that they themselves are her, and that as they murder Nature they only murder themselves.

Del video invece parla il regista Nick Hudson:

The video is a through-composed montage of textural frames evoking the supplanting of the urban by nature, drawing on wholly in-camera effects in the tradition of – for example – Stan Brakhage, Hollis Frampton, and Douglas Trumbull.

1. The Knight Errant
2. Brethren of the Cross
3. Void in Virgo (The Nature of Sacrifice)
4. Spectrum of One Colour
5. Get out of the Tower
6. The Necklace
7. Epipsychidion

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