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IDLES: il video del nuovo brano “Car Crash”

(c) Tom Ham

Manca poco all’uscita di “Crawler“, nuovo album degli Idles (qui la nostra news) e oggi la band ha pubblicato il video del nuovo singolo Car Crash creato in collaborazione con Matthew Cusick.

Mark Bowen commenta:

We wanted it to be as violent as possible to reflect that event. I really wanted it to be this sonic touchstone. We recorded the drums beforehand and put them on a vinyl acetate. Whenever you replay an acetate, because it is kind of like a liquid, it degrades every time. It touches on things being transient and momentary — even a single drum hit. It’s like a memory, when the moment has passed and you deal with the repercussions over and over again, and they morph and change into something else. It’s one of the first times on an IDLES song where we used proper effects on the vocals — it was Joe going through my pedal board, so you get both clarity and degradation

La band sarà in Italia per un’unica data il 3 marzo 2022 al Fabrique di Milano.

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