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KEIJI HAINO & SUMAC: a ottobre un nuovo album collaborativo

(c) Matty Harris

Nel 2018 nasceva la collaborazione tra due nomi che più di tanti altri fanno parte dell’Olimpo della musica pe(n)sante, ovvero il leggendario Keiji Haino e i Sumac, i quali pubblicavano un primo disco niente male.

Le due ragioni sociali sono ora pronte a tornare con un nuovo album collaborativo intitolato “Into This Juvenile Apocalypse Our Golden Blood To Pour Let Us Never” e in uscita il 7 ottobre per Thrill Jockey.

Il trio capitanato da Aaron Turner commenta così il tutto:

We are honored to have worked with Haino once again, and very excited to finally be able to share the music we made together this time around. Though we have enjoyed all of our experiences working with him, this iteration was the best yet and represents the most fluid melding of our creative spirits – resulting in a new whole rather than parallel streams. Thanks to Haino for prying open our world to generate fresh perspectives, and Thrill Jockey for facilitating the physical manifestations of our efforts.

Di seguito trovate copertina e tracklist completa del disco.

1 – When logic rises morality falls Logic and morality in Japanese are but one character different
2 – A shredded coiled cable within this cable sincerity could not be contained
3 – Into this juvenile apocalypse our golden blood to pour let us never
4 – Because the evidence of a fact is valued over the fact itself truth??? becomes fractured
5 – That fuzz pedal you planted in your throat, its screw has started to come loose Your next effects pedal is up to you do you have it ready?
6 – That “regularity” of yours, can you throw it further than me? And I don’t mean “discarding” it

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