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BORIS: pubblicato a sorpresa il nuovo album “fade”

photo credit Yoshihiro Mori

I Boris stupiscono ancora tutti e pubblicano a sorpresa il terzo album di questo 2022 ultra-prolifico. “fade” segue infatti “W” e “Heavy Rocks (2022)” in quella che è un’annata da record per la band giapponese.

Il disco è stato pubblicato sulla pagina Bandcamp ufficiale della band, che lo ha presentato così:

The 3rd album of Boris’s 30th anniversary year, “fade”, will initially be self-released through the band’s Bandcamp page on December 2, 2022.

2022 marks the 30th anniversary year of Boris, a year of upheaval as the first post-pandemic year. In this year, Boris put out the albums “W” and “Heavy Rocks (2022)” in succession, and for the first time in 3 years went on tour overseas, playing “rock-like” shows that garnered reactions from around the world exceeding those prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.
This year was the year we realized that Boris, along with music culture itself, strives toward the future, having acquired new possibilities of heavy music. As the conclusion to these 30 years, “fade” will be released as the latest album under the moniker of boris (in lowercase letters).
The wheels, road of rock and innovation that Boris maintains… This release is not bound by concepts of rock and music in general, but could rather be said to be a documentary of the world plunged into the chaotic age of Boris moving forward.

“Break into the present, post-pandemic era. Memories of the world wrapped in disorder and uncertainty already bring feelings of nostalgia. Every individual was cut off from society, but now have returned as one.

Among that disorder like a primitive scenery, did you have fear? Did you doze off? Or in an extreme state of mind, did you even feel some comfort in the solitude?

Among that disorder, did you make eye contact with yourself, or did you not experience such a moment?

Now, wrapped in a thunderous roar, your whole body will be caressed on the way to awakening.

Morning comes

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