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THE LORD (Sunn O))), Goatsnake): il nuovo brano “Nazarite” in collaborazione con DAVID PAJO

(c) Al Overdrive

Quest’anno Greg Anderson nei panni di The Lord ha pubblicato ben due album, il debutto “Forest Nocturne” (qui la nostra recensione) e “Devotional” (qui l’altra) ma non pare volersi fermare qui.

Il patron Southern Lord e membro dei Sunn O))) infatti condivide oggi un nuovo brano in collaborazione questa volta con il leggendario membro degli Slint David Pajo intitolato Nazarite che voi trovate di seguito alla news e che pare solo l’inizio di future novità.

Anderson ne parla così:

I’m beyond honored to have been able to collaborate with David Pajo for this ever-evolving output as The Lord. Slint remains one of the most important bands ever. I composed the music for Nazarite as a love letter to Slint that exemplifies my obsession and devotion. David’s brilliant response to my humble offering is clear proof of his genius.

Pajo continua:

In Tennessee, I played a bit of acoustic guitar on the Goatsnake song ‘Another River To Cross.’ It was then that I realized we had a perfect working dynamic. We seem to be able to push an idea from nothing into a solid shape, without much effort or ego. I trust Greg’s ear and musical sense implicitly—he’s fearless.

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