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PJ HARVEY: in uscita ad ottobre una raccolta di B-Sides, demo e rarità

PJ Harvey ha annunciato la pubblicazione di una nuova raccolta di b-sides, demo e rarità intitolata appunto “B-Sides, Demos & Rarities” e in uscita il prossimo 4 novembre su UMe/Island. Conterrà la bellezza di 59 brani, tra cui 14 tracce inedite, suddivisi in 3 Cd o 6 LP. Il master dell’opera è stato realizzato da Jason Mitchell con la collaborazione di John Parish, storico collaboratore di PJ Harvey.

To have this collection of songs released to the world means a great deal to me. For every album song I have written there have been accompanying brother-sister songs that for many reasons don’t quite have their place in the world at that time, but do find their way eventually, and are no less important for being later. In fact some of these lesser-known works are closer to my heart. Now having all these works collected and released together in their own right feels at last to give them the place in the world they deserve. I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I do.

A questo indirizzo potete effettuare il pre-order, di seguito trovate invece la tracklist completa e l’artwork.

LP1 – Side A
01. Dry – Demo (previously unreleased demo)
02. Man-Size – Demo (previously unreleased demo)
03. Missed – Demo (previously unreleased demo)

LP1 – Side B
01. Highway 61 Revisited – Demo (previously unreleased demo)
02. Me Jane – Demo (previously unreleased demo)
03. Daddy

LP2 – Side A
01. Lying in the Sun
02. Somebody’s Down, Somebody’s Name
03. Darling Be There
04. Maniac
05. One Time Too Many

LP2 – Side B
01. Harder
02. Naked Cousin
03. Losing Ground
04. Who Will Love Me Now
05. Why D’ya Go to Cleveland (previously unreleased)

LP3 – Side A
01. Instrumental #1
02. The Northwood
03. The Bay
04. Sweeter Than Anything
05. Instrumental #3
06. The Faster I Breathe The Further I Go (4 Track Version)
07. Nina in Ecstasy 2

LP3 – Side B
01. Rebecca
02. Instrumental #2
03. This Wicked Tongue
04. Memphis
05. 30

LP4 – Side A
01. 66 Promises
02. As Close As This
03. My Own Private Revolution
04. Kick It to the Ground (4 Track)

LP4 – Side B
01. The Falling
02. The Phone Song
03. Bows & Arrows
04. Angel
05. Stone

LP5 – Side A
01. 97°
02. Dance
03. Cat on the Wall – Demo (previously unreleased demo)
04. You Come Through – Demo (previously unreleased demo)
05. Uh Huh Her – Demo (previously unreleased demo)
06. Evol – Demo (previously unreleased demo)

LP5 – Side B
01. Wait
02. Heaven
03. Liverpool Tide
04. The Big Guns Called Me Back Again
05. The Nightingale
06. Shaker Aamer

LP6 – Side A
01. Guilty – Demo (previously unreleased demo)
02. I’ll Be Waiting – Demo (previously unreleased demo)
03. Homo Sappy Blues – Demo (previously unreleased)
04. The Age of the Dollar – Demo (previously unreleased)
05. The Camp

LP6 – Side B
01. An Acre of Land
02. The Crowded Cell
03. The Sandman – Demo
04. The Moth – Demo
05. Red Right Hand

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