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THE VAN PELT: a marzo il nuovo album “Artisans & Merchants”

Sono ben 26 gli anni passati da quanto The Van Pelt hanno pubblicato il loro secondo e praticamente ultimo (se non contiamo la raccolta “Imaginary Third” del 2014) album.

Il gruppo di stanza a New York ha deciso di interrompere il silenzio radio annunciando l’uscita del nuovo disco “Artisans & Merchants“. Il lavoro è stato prodotto da Jeff Zeigler (The War On Drugs, Kurt Vile), vede la partecipazione tra gli altri di Nate Kinsella (American Football) e Ted Leo (Ted Leo And The Pharmacists) e verrà pubblicato il 17 marzo per Spartan Records negli Stati Uniti, Gringo nel Regno Unito e La Castanya in Europa/resto del mondo.

Il frontman Chris Leo dichiara:

When a bunch of old VHS tapes were unearthed, the band had them digitized and they turned out to be from US tours of the mid-90s. The footage is mainly of daily banalities: random purchases at rest stops, packing and unpacking the van, highway views that could be on the outskirts of Any Town USA. Yet there is a nostalgia to it that’s compelling. The song mirrors the mood in both sound and text. Lines like “The floor is filled with resin on the place where you’re to sleep / if you have enough to drink you can pretend that it’s a sheet” bring any musician back to the rougher side of days on the road — yet again, the subtext here is that the spirit of it all is to be longed for.

Di seguito trovate il video del primo estratto Punk House assieme a copertina e tracklist completa del disco.

1. We Gotta Leave
2. Image of Health
3. Artisans & Merchants
4. Punk House
5. Old Souls from Different Epochs
6. Grid
7. Cold Coconuts
8. Did We Hear The Same Song
9. Love Is Brutal

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